Rubén Darío

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This study examined the characteristics of teachers' professional lives that accompany student achievement in writing, reading, and English. It was situated in the classrooms of 44 middle and high school teachers in four states, in 25 schools and districts that were attempting to improve students' literacy abilities. The sample includes a high(More)
The massive use of asbestos affected several industrial areas of Apulian region in the last decade. It has been estimated that in our country there are thousands of asbestos exposed workers and about 10.000 of them received CONTARP-INAIL document attesting their asbestos exposure for over ten years ex D.L. 257/92. Owing to the lack of any regional rules and(More)
A case of intestinal infection by Cryptosporidium parvum and another of intestinal Isospora belli infection, both in AIDS patients, are described. The two patients presented pulmonary tuberculosis symptoms and watery diarrhoea. Modified Ziehl-Neelsen stain of stools gave a definitive diagnosis in both cases. They are the first reports of intestinal coccidia(More)
The paper presents the results obtained thanks to an innovative experimental device for the assessment of artificial optical radiation (AOR) exposure in workplace. This . device was developed by 'Politecnico di Bari-DIASS'. The wearable personal dosimeter has three sensors: one is used for measuring head position/movement, therefore there is a color light(More)
The link between drinking and consequent injuries during job activities has been stresses by the most important international organizations and by ISTAT. Luckily, the low 125/01 has opened to "occupational doctor" the possibility of analysing the alcohol related risks among particular working classes, i.e. hospital workers. Thus, it has been conducted a(More)
The case of a barman who suffer from Malignant Mesothelioma (MM) has been signaled. For this case it has been documented a possible source of occupational exposure to asbestos caused by the presence of asbestos components in the professional espressos coffee machines. In some gaskets which are part of these coffee machines, we verified the presence of(More)
Standard asbestos diagnostic protocol was applied to eleven relatives of asbestos exposure ex-workers of a cement factory in Bari. Nine wives and seventeen sons were involved as volunteers in this evaluation. In this group two pleura malignant mesotheliomas (not dose-dependent) two asbestosis and fifteen pleura plaques (dose-dependent) were detected. This(More)
In this paper we describe a novel approach to environmental control in a bakery, based on an integration system of qualitative and quantitative information. The aim is to identify prevention policy for allergic disease. Specifically, the dust concentration evaluated continuously by deposimeters and the realization of chemical-analytical investigations on(More)