Rubén Díaz

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The γ-secretase membrane protein complex is responsible for proteolytic maturation of signaling precursors and catalyzes the final step in the production of the amyloid β-peptides implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease. The incorporation of PEN-2 (presenilin enhancer 2) into a pre-activation intermediate, composed of the catalytic subunit(More)
Helical symmetry is commonly used for building macromolecular assemblies. Helical symmetry is naturally present in viruses and cytoskeletal filaments and also occurs during crystallization of isolated proteins, such as Ca-ATPase and the nicotinic acetyl choline receptor. Structure determination of helical assemblies by electron microscopy has a long history(More)
This work presents the first steps of an active applied research project whose objective is to use 3D Web technologies in order to support the stages of the on-demand industrial products life-cycle (product customization, processes setup, and training). These applications presents two main requirements: •High quality. The 3D render has to have a high(More)
We examine the stellar velocity dispersions (σ ) of a sample of 48 galaxies, 35 of which are spirals, from the Palomar nearby galaxy survey. It is known that for ultra-luminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs) and merger remnants, the σ derived from the near-infrared CO band heads is smaller than that measured from optical lines, while no discrepancy between(More)
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