Rubén Cuevas

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In essence, an information-centric network (ICN) is one which supports a content request/reply model. One proposed benefit of this is improved mobility. This can refer to provider, consumer or content <i>mobility</i>. Despite this, little specific research has looked into the effectiveness of ICN in this regard. This paper presents a survey of some of the(More)
—BitTorrent is the most successful peer-to-peer application. In the last years the research community has studied the BitTorrent ecosystem by collecting data from real BitTorrent swarms using different measurement techniques. In this paper we present the first survey of these techniques that constitutes a first step in the design of future measurement(More)
In this paper, we conduct a detailed measurement study to characterize and compare the " group-level " behavior of users in Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We focus on Popular, Cross (with account in three OSNs) and Random group of users in each OSN since they offer complementary views. We capture user behavior with the following metrics: user connectivity,(More)
n recent years, much interest has been devoted to the design of wireless local area networks (WLANs) with quality of service (QoS) support. The Enhancements Task Group (TGe) was formed under the IEEE 802.11 project to recommend an international WLAN standard with QoS. This standard is called 802.11e and is being built as an extension of the basic WLAN(More)
Online social media has recently irrupted as the last major venue for the propagation of news and cultural content, competing with traditional mass media and allowing citizens to access new sources of information. In this paper, we study collectively filtered news and popular content in Twitter, known as Trending Topics (TTs), to quantify the extent to(More)
On-line Social Networks (OSNs) are being used intensively by countless professional players (e.g., large companies, politicians , athletes, celebrities, etc.) as a means of interacting with a huge amount of regular OSN users. This has led to an increasing research interest that aims at understanding what are the strategies of professional users in OSNs. In(More)
This paper characterizes the propagation of the information in one of the major OSNs, Google+ (G+). It extends previous works, which study information dissemination in other OSNs, based on two main contributions: (i) it is the first work that takes into account all publicly available information in a major OSN to perform such characterization rather than(More)
— The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector has recently been identified as a growing contributor to worldwide greenhouse gases emissions and power consumption. This has triggered interest for more energy efficient ways to design and operate telecommunication networks. We present an overview of the solutions proposed within the European(More)
—In this paper, we examine the effect of overlay structure in live peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming applications, on the inter-AS traffic. We identify a collection of edge ASes whose clients are likely to participate in P2P streaming applications. We derive the AS-level path between all pairs of selected edge ASes by simulating BGP routing over a snapshot of(More)