Ruaraidh Sackville Hamilton

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A novel QTL cluster for chalkiness on Chr04 was identified using single environment analysis and joint mapping across 9 environments in Asia and South American. QTL NILs showed that each had a significant effect on chalk. Chalk in rice grains leads to a significant loss in the proportion of marketable grains in a harvested crop, leading to a significant(More)
We have identified about 20 million rice SNPs by aligning reads from the 3000 rice genomes project with the Nipponbare genome. The SNPs and allele information are organized into a SNP-Seek system (, which consists of Oracle database having a total number of rows with SNP genotypes close to 60 billion (20 M SNPs × 3 K(More)
The International Rice Information System (IRIS, is the rice implementation of the International Crop Information System (ICIS,, a database system for the management and integration of global information on genetic resources and germplasm improvement for any crop. Building upon the germplasm genealogy and(More)
Using a novel approach combining four complementary metabolomic and mineral platforms with genome-wide genotyping at 1536 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci, we have investigated the extent of biochemical and genetic diversity in three commercially-relevant waxy rice cultivars important to food production in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic(More)
A sample of 200 accessions was selected from IRRI’s rice (Oryza sativa) germplasm bank, that represents rice diversity in terms of genetic groups (aus, indica, tropical japonica, temperate japonica, and aromatic) and crop duration cycles of the accessions. The sample also captured the diversity of rice germplasm in terms of morphological traits. The(More)
We describe updates to the Rice SNP-Seek Database since its first release. We ran a new SNP-calling pipeline followed by filtering that resulted in complete, base, filtered and core SNP datasets. Besides the Nipponbare reference genome, the pipeline was run on genome assemblies of IR 64, 93-11, DJ 123 and Kasalath. New genotype query and display features(More)
This study was conducted to understand variation patterns and establish the population structure in the wild rice species, Oryza officinalis, using accessions collected across the 11 regions/areas of endemism in Asia and Oceania and conserved ex situ in the International Rice Genebank at the International Rice Research Institute. Morphological and(More)
IN THEIR REPORT " INSECT-RESISTANT GM rice in farmers' fields: assessing productivity and health effects in China " (29 Apr., p. 688), J. Huang et al. found that farmers growing insect-resistant GM rice obtained higher yields with less use of insecticides than farmers growing conventional varieties. Huang et al.'s methodology does not, however, permit(More)
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