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Since the conventional electro-mechanical converter of 2D valve had problems of step lose due to its small tooth-pitch angle, a novel rotary electromagnet with large tooth-pitch angle and coreless rotor structure was proposed. Combined with the approaches of magnetic circuit analysis, finite element simulation and experimental study, the static and dynamic(More)
As electro-mechanical energy conversion interface of electro-hydraulic control valve, the electro-mechanical converter has a crucial influence on the performance of valve itself and thus the whole electro-hydraulic control system. In this paper the mathematical model of electro-mechanical converter using stepping motor was established and its frequency(More)
An excitation means of electrohydraulic vibrator is proposed and aimed to enhance the working frequency. The vibrator is a symmetrical hydraulic cylinder controlled by a 2D valve, in which both rotary and linear motions of a single spool are used to vary the frequency and the amplitude independently. The frequency of the vibrator is proportional to the(More)
AIMS Calcification in adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma (ACP) is troublesome for surgical intervention. The aim of this study was to examine the osteogenic proteins that play important roles in the calcium deposition of the odontogenic/osteogenic tissues in craniopharyngioma. METHODS AND RESULTS Craniopharyngiomas (n = 89) were investigated for the(More)
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