Ruairí O'Concubhair

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The low-temperature chemistry associated with environmentally available mercury has recently attracted considerable scientific interest due to the discovery of systemic gas-phase mercury depletion events (MDEs) which occur periodically at the poles. However, the fate of the mercury once it enters the snowpack is not fully understood, even its chemical(More)
Both gaseous bromine and bromine chloride have been monitored in polar environments and implicated in the destruction of tropospheric ozone. The formation mechanisms operating for these halogen compounds have been suggested previously. However, few laboratory studies have been performed using environmentally relevant concentrations of bromide and chloride(More)
The knowledge that the freezing process can accelerate certain chemical reactions has been available since the 1960s, particularly in relation to the food industry. However, investigations into such effects on environmentally relevant reactions have only been carried out since the late 1980s. Some 20 years later, the field has matured and scientists have(More)
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