Ru-zhong Li

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This study focused on the characterization and the health risk assessment of heavy metals in the dust of Hefei City, China. Samples were collected from fifty two sampling points covering six land-use types. Most of the sites were impervious ground such as residential, commercial, industrial, educational and traffic areas, as well as public landscapes and(More)
In this study, Typha angustifolia was proven to have an excellent accumulation ability in high concentrations of wastewater solutions having Cr (VI) concentrations up to 30 mg L(-1) for 20 days (74% of removal efficiency). Synchrotron microfocus micro X-ray fluorescence (μ-XRF) mapping showed that the uptaken Cr was mainly enriched in the outer layer of the(More)
To understand the water environment regimes of the city-circling water system in Hefei City, six typical landscape waters were chosen to investigate pollution characteristics of nitrogen and phosphate and evaluate water eutrophication level according to the monitoring data of water physicochemical characteristics and chlorophyll content from September 2012(More)
A systematic survey of As, Ni, Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn concentrations in eight kinds of vegetables (involving 226 samples) and their corresponding soils at 35 sampling sites in the fragmentary vegetable plots of a typical nonferrous metals mine city, Tongling, was carried out for assessing heavy metal pollution, bio-accumulation ability and potential health risk(More)
A modified Tessier's sequential extraction procedure was used to investigate the fraction of seven types of heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, As) in the surface sediments from Huixi Stream in Tongling City, a typical nonferrous metals mining city, China. Based on speciation distribution analysis of these metals, contamination degree and ecological risk(More)
A typical water system of agricultural headwater stream in Chaohu Lake basin was selected as the study area, and 17, 16, 14 and 13 surface sediments were collected from the four styles of stream, respectively, including ponds, branches, main channel and mainstream deep pools, in October 2014 (in autumn) and April 2015 (in spring). The forms and space-time(More)
To investigate the soil phosphorus forms and leaching risk in a typically agricultural catchment of Ershibu River in Hefei Suburban, Chaohu Lake basin, 132 surface soil samples were collected from the catchment area. The spatial distribution of total phosphorus (TP) and bio-available phosphorus (Bio-P), and the spatial variability of soil available(More)
To understand the loss risk of soil erosion in the Zhuangmu town in Lake Wabuhu watershed, concentration and spatial distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus in 162 surface soil samples collected from the farmlands in ten administrative villages of the town were investigated. The risk assessment was conducted by using the nitrogen and phosphorus index method(More)
From September to October 2013, five in-stream tracer experiments involving slug additions of chloride were performed in Guanzhenhe Branch, a headwater stream in suburban Hefei. From the perspective of different transport mechanisms such as transient storage, lateral inflow and advection-dispersion, four scenarios were set to analyze the effects of(More)