Ru-liang Yang

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Microfabrication of graphene devices used in many experimental studies currently relies on the fact that graphene crystallites can be visualized using optical microscopy if prepared on top of Si wafers with a certain thickness of SiO2. We study graphene’s visibility and show that it depends strongly on both thickness of SiO2 and light wavelength. We have(More)
A method for SAR target recognition using low-frequency sub-band and Gabor filter sub-block statistical feature is proposed. The sub-band image extracted from the pre-processed SAR image is filtered by Gabor filter on different directions and scales. The each filtered sub-band image is divided into different sub-blocks and the statistical features derived(More)
We report capacitors in which a finite electronic compressibility of graphene dominates the electrostatics, resulting in pronounced changes in capacitance as a function of magnetic field and carrier concentration. The capacitance measurements have allowed us to accurately map the density of states D, and compare it against theoretical predictions. Landau(More)
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