Ru-cheng Xiao

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Herein we report the bulk synthesis of single crystalline GaN nanowires. Laser ablation of a composite target of GaN and a catalytic metal generates liquid nanoclusters that serve as reactive sites confining and directing the growth of crystalline nanowires. Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) shows that the product primarily consists of(More)
Gallium nitride ͑GaN͒ thin films with a wurtzite structure were grown on fused silica ͑FS͒ substrates by pulsed laser ablation of a liquid gallium target in the presence of ammonia gas. X-ray diffraction measurement shows a single c-axis orientation for the GaN film grown with a thin ͑Ͻ1000 Å͒ zinc oxide ͑ZnO͒ film as an alignment layer. There is a great(More)
The enhanced optical nonlinearity enabled by localized plasmonic fields has been well studied for all-optical switching processing (AOSP) devices for future optical communication systems. In this work, plasmonic photonic crystals with a nonlinear polycarbonate/polymethine blend cladding layer are designed to enhance the third harmonic generation (THG) at(More)
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