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BACKGROUND Marjolin's ulcer (MU) is a rare malignancy arising from various forms of scars. This potentially fatal complication typically occurs after a certain latency period. This article attempts to reveal the importance of the latency period in the prevention and early treatment of the malignancy. METHODS A retrospective review of 17 MU patients who(More)
Many individuals exhibit unconscious body movements called mannerisms while speaking. These repeated changes often distract the audience when not relevant to the verbal context. We present an intelligent interface that can automatically extract human gestures using Microsoft Kinect to make speakers aware of their mannerisms. We use a sparsity-based(More)
BACKGROUND Given the increasing number of patients who require dual antiplatelet (DAP) therapy and electrophysiological device (EPD) placement, perioperative antiplatelet management is a current challenge. In this study, we investigated the incidence of pocket hematoma formation after EPD placement in patients undergoing DAP therapy or an alternative(More)
Keloids are common in the Asian population. Multiple or huge keloids can appear on the chest wall because of its tendency to develop acne, sebaceous cyst, etc. It is difficult to find an ideal treatment for keloids in this area due to the limit of local soft tissues and higher recurrence rate. This study aims at establishing an individualized protocol that(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical application of autologous fat grafting (AFG) is quickly expanding. Despite the widely acceptance, long-term survival rate (SR) of AFG remains a question not yet solved. Meanwhile, although rare, severe complications related to AFG including vision loss, stroke even death could be seen in the literature. DATA SOURCES A comprehensive(More)
We present an automated interface, ROC Comment, for generating natural language comments on behavioral videos. We focus on the domain of public speaking, which many people consider their greatest fear. We collect a dataset of 196 public speaking videos from 49 individuals and gather 12,173 comments, generated by more than 500 independent human judges. We(More)
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