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Many individuals exhibit unconscious body movements called mannerisms while speaking. These repeated changes often distract the audience when not relevant to the verbal context. We present an intelligent interface that can automatically extract human gestures using Microsoft Kinect to make speakers aware of their mannerisms. We use a sparsity-based(More)
Polyacrylamide hydrogel, a new biomaterial, has been used for injected breast augmentation in China since 1997. A series of 30 patients with various complications after injected polyacrylamide hydrogel visited the author's department. Most of these patients had undergone injection of both breasts. The average age of the patients was 27.6 years, and the time(More)
BACKGROUND So far, most of the surgical techniques for congenital blepharophimosis syndrome are two-stage procedures. In this study, we investigated a modified one-stage procedure to reduce the suffering of patients. METHODS From 2003 to 2005, we adopted an one-stage technique combining blepharoptosis correction with medial canthoplasty in 16 patients(More)
Though the etiology of hemifacial atrophy is still unknown, the aim of its reconstruction is cosmetic amelioration of the defect. Among many techniques introduced, microsurgical reconstruction has become the gold standard to restore the symmetry of the face. Seven free anterolateral thigh adipofascial flaps were used to reconstruct hemifacial atrophy(More)
A new technique for reduction mammaplasty or mastopexy techniques is presented, which the authors call the dermal bra. The surgical steps are described point by point. A series of 36 patients underwent reduction mammaplasty or mastopexy by means of this technique from January of 1998 to April of 2001. Thirty-two patients were followed; 28 presented(More)
OBJECTIVE To analysis various complications of 30 patients of breast augmentation by injected polyacrylamide hydrogel and discuss the treatment through periareolar incision. METHODS All patients were classified according to the different complications. Open suction technique and partial mastectomies via periareolar incisions were performed in all(More)
BACKGROUND Marjolin's ulcer (MU) is a rare malignancy arising from various forms of scars. This potentially fatal complication typically occurs after a certain latency period. This article attempts to reveal the importance of the latency period in the prevention and early treatment of the malignancy. METHODS A retrospective review of 17 MU patients who(More)
We present an automated interface, ROC Comment, for generating natural language comments on behavioral videos. We focus on the domain of public speaking, which many people consider their greatest fear. We collect a dataset of 196 public speaking videos from 49 individuals and gather 12,173 comments, generated by more than 500 independent human judges. We(More)