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According to Mendelian heredity laws, the sex ratio of a given chicken population during hatching is expected to be 1:1. In this study, we collected 432 chicken embryos that died during the first week of incubation from 5 different breeds. The sexes of the early-dead embryos were determined by using the previously described molecular sexing technique of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the optimal waist circumference (WC) cut-off values for identifying metabolic risk factors in middle-aged and elderly subjects in Shandong Province of China. METHODS A total of 2,873 men and 5,559 women were included in this cross-sectional study. Metabolic syndrome (MetS) was diagnosed according to the definition of Chinese Diabetes(More)
Slow fetal growth is a global public health concern because it might be associated with many diseases later in life. With the progress of technology to measure long-term air pollution exposure. Many epidemiological studies have evaluated the effects of maternal air pollutant exposure on fetal growth. In this paper, we summarize the research progress in this(More)
To investigate the effect of a factor-associated suicide (FAS) gene polymorphism on the death of chicken embryos, we genotyped 190 dead embryos and 69 normally developing embryos from 7200 hatching Short-Leg Yellow Chicken eggs, as well as 119 dead embryos and 69 normally developing embryos from 4650 hatching Yellow B Chicken eggs. The results showed that(More)
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