Ru-Shan Chen

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In a code-division multiple-access system, multiuser detection (MUD) can exploit the information of signals from other interfering users to increase system capacity. However, the optimum MUD can be characterized as an NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem such that the computational complexity increases exponentially with the number of users. In this(More)
We present a new multilevel fast Fourier transform (MLFFT) method and its application for the 3-D structures capacitance extraction. The multilevel octree structure, multilevel interpolation/projection, and subdomain FFTs techniques are employed in the MLFFT. Distinctions between the MLFFT and the conventional FFT-based methods are discussed carefully.(More)
Transient electromagnetic scattering from object composed of conductor and dielectric material is analyzed by the marching-on-in-degree (MOD) time-domain integral equation (TDIE) method. Weighted Laguerre polynomials are exploited as the entire domain temporal basis functions, and lead to unconditionally stable solution. Besides, the curvilinear RWG spatial(More)
Analyzing frequency selective surface (FSS) can be of great significance. FSS can present band-stop or band-pass properties at some specific frequency bands, and this is very helpful in designing practical electromagnetic and communication systems. The application of method of moments (MoM) in this field is very popular. However, when the electric size of(More)
In this paper, the efficient analysis of electromagnetic scattering from objects is performed utilizing the characteristic basis function method (CBFM) with the compressed sensing (CS) technique. CBFM generates sets of high-level basis functions, i.e. the characteristic basis function (CBF), defined over macro domains of the object under discussion, to(More)