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In mammals, genome-wide chromatin maps and immunofluorescence studies show that broad domains of repressive histone modifications are present on pericentromeric and telomeric repeats and on the inactive X chromosome. However, only a few autosomal loci such as silent Hox gene clusters have been shown to lie in broad domains of repressive histone(More)
Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) that regulate gene expression in cis or in trans are a shared feature of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes. In mammals, cis-acting functions are associated with macro ncRNAs, which can be several hundred thousand nucleotides long. Imprinted ncRNAs are well-studied macro ncRNAs that have cis-regulatory effects on multiple flanking(More)
Imprinted macro non-protein-coding (nc) RNAs are cis-repressor transcripts that silence multiple genes in at least three imprinted gene clusters in the mouse genome. Similar macro or long ncRNAs are abundant in the mammalian genome. Here we present the full coding and non-coding transcriptome of two mouse tissues: differentiated ES cells and fetal head(More)
A fully integrated LNA suitable for ultra-low-voltage and ultra-low-power applications is designed in 0.13 mum CMOS technology. A two-stage common-source configuration and forward-body-bias MOSFET are employed to reduce the supply voltage. The proposed LNA exhibits 14.3dB power gain and 2.93dB noise figure at 5GHz while consuming only 0.64mW DC power at the(More)
A 400MHz on-off keying transceiver for medical implant applications is presented. The transceiver achieves ultra-low power and high sensitivity with an analog “quadratic sum” demodulation scheme, which enables the using of a low intermediate frequency and a free-running oscillator for power saving. A new current-reuse structure and an inductor-sharing(More)
Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic process that results in parental-specific gene expression. Advances in understanding the mechanism that regulates imprinted gene expression in mammals have largely depended on generating targeted manipulations in embryonic stem (ES) cells that are analysed in vivo in mice. However, genomic imprinting consists of distinct(More)
The Igf2r imprinted cluster is an epigenetic silencing model in which expression of a ncRNA silences multiple genes in cis. Here, we map a 250 kb region in mouse embryonic fibroblast cells to show that histone modifications associated with expressed and silent genes are mutually exclusive and localized to discrete regions. Expressed genes were modified at(More)
Two wheat (Triticum aestivum) cultivars, freeze-tolerant Dongnongdongmai 1 and freeze-sensitive Jimai 22, were used in this study. They were grown under field conditions, the leaves were sprayed with 1 × 10(-5) mol/L ABA and distilled water as control respectively at the three-true-leaf stage. Application of exogenous ABA increased the accumulation of(More)