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Monoclinic VO2(M) in nanostructure is a prototype material for interpreting correlation effects in solids with fully reversible phase transition and for the advanced applications to smart devices. Here, we report a facile one-step hydrothermal method for the controlled growth of single crystalline VO2(M/R) nanorods. Through tuning the hydrothermal(More)
The purpose of this paper is to study the strong convergence theorems of Moudafi's viscosity approximation methods for a nonexpansive mapping T in CAT(0) spaces without the property P. For a contraction f on C and t ∈ (0, 1), let x t ∈ C be the unique fixed point of the contraction x → tf (x) ⊕ (1 – t)Tx; i.e., x t = tf (x t) ⊕ (1 – t)Tx t and x n+1 = α n f(More)
Orientation of carbon fiber (CF) axes in poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) aqueous solution under magnetic field was evaluated by considering the fact that the c-axes (chain axes of graphite) have orientation distribution with respect to their CF axis. This new approach was proposed to resolve the well-known contradiction that the diffraction image from the (002)(More)
We study a special class of misspecified generalized linear models, where the true model is a mixed effect model but the working model is a fixed effect model with parameters of dimension increasing with sample size. We provide a sufficient condition both in linear models and generalized linear models under which the MLE derived from the misspecified(More)
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