Rreze Halili

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The effect of unilateral transection of the anterior cruciate ligament on the confined compression and swelling properties of the distal femoral articular cartilage of skeletally mature rabbits at 9 weeks after surgery was determined. Gross morphological grading of the transected and contralateral control distal femora stained with India ink confirmed that(More)
Determination of exposure levels is considered as one of the parameters of planning and optimization of green cellular networks. While moving towards 5G technology and standardization, the results of comparative exposure levels induced by 2G, 3G and 4G networks are of interest. We present the results of in-situ determination of downlink signal levels(More)
Theoretical, software-computed and experimental evaluations of the exposure levels to electromagnetic fields generated by GSM 900, GSM 1800 and 3G base stations in urban areas, including determination of the minimum safe distances for population and occupational exposure, are presented. Using the software package SPECTRAemc with the P.1546 propagation wave(More)
The ever-growing usage of new information and communication technology devices by different age groups is followed with public concerns of exposure induced biological effects. The aim of this paper is to assess and compare personal exposure levels to electromagnetic fields of wireless communications for different age groups, including children, under the(More)
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