Rozi Abdullah

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Soil erodibility factor (susceptibility of soil to be lost to erosion) is one of the components of the universal soil loss equation. This study presents an artificial neural network (ANN) model using 74 soil series provided by the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia. The ANN model produces acceptable results: the K values for 74 soil series of Peninsular(More)
In the past decades, thousands of lives have been lost, directly or indirectly, by flooding. In fact, of all natural hazards, floods pose the most widely distributed natural hazard to life today. Sungai Kayu Ara river basin which is located in the west part of the Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was the case study of this research. In order to perform river flood(More)
—Developing a prediction relationship for total (i.e. within-year plus over-year) storage capacity of reservoir systems is beneficial because it can be used as an alternative to the analysis of reservoirs during designing stage and gives an opportunity to planner to examine and compare different cases in a fraction of time required for complete analysis(More)
Rectangular separator tanks used gravity settling to separate oil from water in treatment units. In this study, in order to increase the performance of separator tanks, the effect of different positions of baffle structure on improving the uniformity of flow was investigated. Two dimensional computation fluid dynamics (CFD) and one phase flow model was(More)
The structure and distribution of organelles within developing goat oocytes at various stages of incubation were studied. In oocytes with 5 or more layers of cumulus cells, at 0 h of incubation, the zona pellucida had developed although zonation was not evident. Lipid bodies were present but no mitochondria were observed. At 20 h, the zona pellucida had(More)
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