Rozanna Templin

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Microraptor gui, a four-winged dromaeosaur from the Early Cretaceous of China, provides strong evidence for an arboreal-gliding origin of avian flight. It possessed asymmetric flight feathers not only on the manus but also on the pes. A previously published reconstruction shows that the hindwing of Microraptor supported by a laterally extended leg would(More)
Zusammenfassend ist die stationäre Rehabilitation und Anschlussheilbehandlung bei Patienten mit urologischen Erkrankungen in fachlich kompetenten Händen eine effektive und auch ökonomische Maßnahme zur langfristigen Rehabilitation der betroffenen Patienten. Die Patienten gewinnen eine deutlich verbesserte Lebensqualität. Die Reintegration in das soziale(More)
The origin of avian flight is often equated with the phylogeny, ecology, and flying ability of the primitive Jurassic bird, Archaeopteryx. Debate persists about whether it was a terrestrial cursor or a tree dweller. Despite broad acceptance of its arboreal life style from anatomical, phylogenetic, and ecological evidence, a new version of the cursorial(More)
Measurement of intrapulmonary shunting (Qsp/Qt), a widely used method for monitoring disturbances of pulmonary oxygen transfer in critically ill patients, involves calculation of arterial and mixed venous oxygen contents. In circumstances where mixed venous blood samples are not readily available, oxygen tension-based indices such as the alveolar to(More)
Inpatient rehabilitation and "Anschlussheilbehandlung" (rehabilitation soon after operation or acute intervention) are effective and economic for long-term improvement of urologic patients. Only therapy guided by urologic specialists during rehabilitation and afterwards guarantees the possibility of excellent results. Especially QOL and functional deficits(More)
We calculate the flight performance of the gigantic volant bird Argentavis magnificens from the upper Miocene ( approximately 6 million years ago) of Argentina using a computer simulation model. Argentavis was probably too large (mass approximately 70 kg) to be capable of continuous flapping flight or standing takeoff under its own muscle power. Like extant(More)
Vascular rejection after renal transplantation is connected with a higher frequency of allograft dysfunction or graft loss. Plasmapheresis as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of humoral mediated acute graft rejection was compared with protein A immunoadsorption. Eleven patients with acute graft rejection and high titers of cytotoxic HLA-Ab and/or(More)
PURPOSE A prospective multicenter study was carried out to estimate the treatment outcome of radiotherapy in Stage II seminoma after the application of modern staging and radiotherapy techniques. The lower margin of the iliac field was positioned on the upper rim of the acetabulum to reduce the amount of scattered irradiation to the remaining testicle. (More)
BACKGROUND A recently-introduced quality assessment system (Intelligent Quality Management: iQM), was evaluated in routine clinical use at four different hospitals. The iQM technology is designed to replace conventional external liquid controls with software, Process Control (PC) Solutions and Calibration Validation components that continually assess the(More)