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Electro-hydraulic system (EHS) consists of several dynamic parts which are widely used in motion control application. These dynamic parts need to be controlled to determine direction of the motion. Mathematical model of EHS is required in order to design a controller for the system. In this paper, system identification technique is used for system modeling.(More)
—Nowadays, computer scientists have shown the interest in the study of social insect's behaviour in neural networks area for solving different combinatorial and statistical problems. Chief among these is the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm. This paper investigates the use of ABC algorithm that simulates the intelligent foraging behaviour of a honey(More)
The performance of Neural Networks (NN) depends on network structure, activation function and suitable weight values. For finding optimal weight values, freshly, computer scientists show the interest in the study of social insect's behavior learning algorithms. Chief among these are, Ant Colony Optimzation (ACO), Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm,(More)