Royce Z. Lockart

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No interferon is made by L cells when they are infected with MM virus. However, several thousand units of interferon are produced when interferon-treated L cells are infected with MM virus. We call the conversion of cells, from nonproducers to producers, priming. The time required for cells to become fully primed is dependent on the interferon concentration(More)
Lockart, Royce Z., Jr. (The University of Texas, Austin). Production of an interferon by L cells infected with Western equine encephalomyelitis virus. J. Bacteriol. 85:556-566. 1963.-Two strains of Western equine encephalomyelitis virus (WEE), WEE (L+) and WEE (L-), which differed with respect to their cytopathogenicity for L cells were isolated. Both(More)
Human cells incubated with human interferon become more resistant to vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) than to Semliki Forest virus (SFV); monkey cells treated with monkey interferon become more resistant to SFV than to VSV. However, monkey cells incubated with human interferon developed relative antiviral activity identical to that induced by homologous(More)
Temperature-sensitive mutants of Sindbis virus, which synthesize viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) but not mature virus at the nonpermissible temperature, were selected for the study of viral maturation. Of these, three mutants which complement each other genetically were used. Two major proteins, the nucleocapsid and membrane proteins, located, respectively, in(More)