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Extracellular microelectrode recordings were made from ganglion cells of the intact, in situ eyes of adult common domestic cats. Three different photopic systems, with peak spectral sensitivities at 450, 500, and 556 nm, were observed. All ganglion cells received input from a cone system with a peak spectral sensitivity of 556 nm. The blue-sensitive cone(More)
In preparation for the reallocation of Representatives among the states based on the 2010 Census, it may prove helpful to examine the current House of Representatives apportionment formula. In addition, some members of the statistical community have, in the recent past, urged Congress to consider changing the current apportionment formula. Consequently, an(More)
The decennial apportionment process determines the number of seats in the House of Representatives for which each state qualifies, based on population counts (for more on the apportionment process, see CRS Report R41357, The U.S. House of Representatives Apportionment Formula in Theory and Practice, by Royce Crocker). The redistricting process determines(More)
We discuss the case of a 22-year-old black woman who presented with a mass in the left hypotympanicum. Both the pre- and postoperative diagnosis of the lesion was a glomus tympanicum. Histopathologic examination revealed the "tumor" to be a nodule of extramedullary hematopoiesis. Many sickled erythrocytes were also noted within the lesion. A multilingual(More)
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