Royanna Commisso

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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of tailored intervention on body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure (BP) among hypertensive employees participating in an employer-based BP screening program. METHODS The quasi-experimental design involved screening subjects (n = 15,583) within the Merrill Lynch organization. A control group had BP and weight measurements(More)
Acute otitis media (AOM) is one of the most frequent diagnoses in children below the age of 2 years. Treatment is usually based on information included in the literature concerning bacteriology. The purpose of this work was to define the most frequent germs in the etiology of AOM within our community, in order to optimize therapeutics for this pathology.(More)
In this investigation, we study the relation between chronic inflammation of the tonsils, clinical features, and the presence of biofilms in the crypts in patients presenting with obstructive hypertrophy and recurrent upper airway pathology. Thirty-six patients who needed to undergo a tonsillectomy for obstructive reasons (aged 1 to 6 years), among which(More)
ASTERIX is a high-voltage (6 to 7 MV), ~ 60-Ω, ~ 50ns FWHM pulse generator located at the Centre d’Etudes de Gramat (CEG) in Gramat, France. It has been recently used for the first evaluation of the rod-pinch[1] electronbeam diode as a source for high-resolution, penetrating flash radiography at up to 4 MV (on a 40 to 50-Ω load).[2] For this evaluation, the(More)
Mercury, Figure 1, is a magnetically-insulated inductive voltage adder that was acquired, assembled, and made operational by the Pulsed Power Physics Branch at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC 1,2. Mercury is designed to produce a 50-ns pulse of 6-MV peak voltage, and 360-kA peak current when operated at full power. This is accomplished using(More)
Electric fields in a plasma that conducts a high-current pulse are measured as a function of time and space. The experiment is performed using a coaxial configuration, in which a current rising to 160 kA in 100 ns is conducted through a plasma that prefills the region between two coaxial electrodes. The electric field is determined using laser spectroscopy(More)
A series of 7-oxaaporphine derivatives was prepared. The compounds were evaluated as dopaminergic agents. None of them showed either affinity for dopamine receptors or activity in vivo in the climbing behavior (mice) and turning behavior (6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rats) tests. The lack of activity is tentatively related to the effect of the oxygen atom on(More)