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Whenever amino acids can be changed at a residue position, it is generally assumed this mutation is compatible with all other tolerated residue substitutions. We show here empirically that this cannot be assumed. The implications for evolutionary theory are twofold. First, finding an initial viable sequence by chance, upon which natural selection could act,(More)
The analysis of alignments of functionally equivalent proteins can reveal regularities such as correlated positions or residue patterns which are important to ensure a specific fold and various cellular functions. Many approaches are found in the literature which try to identify correlated positions to predict the residues that are close to each other in(More)
S peech enables humans to communicate effectively and is probably the most prominent trait which distinguishes people from other creatures. However, some people are born with an impaired ability for language and speech development, a syndrome known as specific language impairment (SLI). Children with SLI lag behind their peers in language development and(More)
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