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We describe how the SV technique of solving linear operator equations can be applied to the problem of density estimation and how this method makes use of a special type of problem-speciic regularization. We present a new optimization procedure and set of kernels that guarantee the estimate to be a density (be non-negative everywhere and have an integral of(More)
We introduce a simple adaptive rule where agents choose a cooperative eeort on a grid. Agents can adjust this eeort step by step and Gains and Losses Adjust Directions. We show that this process converges to the cooperative outcome in a two-person Prisoners' Dilemma game, and we provide simulations showing that the results also holds with a larger number of(More)
Traditional credential solutions have well-known drawbacks. Purely software-based credentials are vulnerable to many attacks, while hardware-based security tokens and smart cards are expensive to deploy and, due to their typical single-purpose nature, force users to carry multiple hardware credentials with them. Recently, general-purpose security elements(More)
Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) in existing deployments is a collection of inter-connected avionics equipment supported by wired technology, with stringent reliability and safety requirements. If the inter-connecting wires are physically secured so that a malicious user cannot access them directly, then this simplifies the security management of the(More)
In this paper we consider the benefits of applying modern machine learning techniques to the problem of Fault Diagnosis and Automated Repair. In the modern manufacturing environment, many aspects of the production line are logged automatically by various systems. These records are put to a multitude of uses including assisting stock control, and monitoring(More)