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[ISSN: 2045-7057] www.ijmse.org 38 Abstract– In this study, the energy and exergy analysis of an ideal Rankin cycle with reheat is presented. The primary objectives of this paper are to analyze the system components separately and to identify and quantify the sites having largest energy and exergy losses at cycle. In addition, the effect of varying the(More)
In automatic image annotation (AIA) different features describe images from different aspects or views. Part of information embedded in some views is common for all views, while other parts are individual and specific. In this paper, we present the Mvg-NMF approach, a multi-view-group non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) method for an AIA system which(More)
Hardware Trojans have emerged as a new threat to the security and trust of computing systems. Hardware Trojans are deliberate and malicious modifications to the logic function implemented within digital and mixed signal chips. In contrast to software Trojans, it is not possible to simply "scan the hard drive" to eradicate a hardware Trojan. Hardware Trojans(More)
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