Roya Golchay

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Computing is currently getting at the same time incredibly in the small with sensors/actuators embedded in our everyday objects and also greatly in the large with data and service clouds accessible anytime, anywhere. This Internet of Things is physically closed to the user but suffers from weak run-time execution environments. Cloud Environments provide(More)
The base motivation of Mobile Cloud Computing was empowering mobile devices by application offloading onto powerful cloud resources. However, this goal can’t entirely be reached because of the high offloading cost imposed by the long physical distance between the mobile device and the cloud. To address this issue, we propose an application offloading onto a(More)
The explosive trend of smartphone usage as the most effective and convenient communication tools of human life in recent years make developers build ever more complex smartphone applications. Gaming, navigation, video editing, augmented reality, and speech recognition applications require considerable computational power and energy. Although smartphones(More)
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