Roy William Peake

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Newborn screening is one of the most important public health initiatives to date, focusing on the identification of presymptomatic newborn infants with treatable conditions to reduce morbidity and mortality. The number of screening conditions continues to expand due to advances in screening technologies and the development of novel therapies. Consequently,(More)
INTRODUCTION C-peptide and insulin measurements in blood provide useful information regarding endogenous insulin secretion. Conflicting evidence on sample stability and handling procedures continue to limit the widespread clinical use of these tests. We assessed the factors that altered the stability of insulin and C-peptide in blood. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the relationship between tobacco smoke exposure (reported versus biomarker) and rates of readmission for children hospitalized for asthma. METHODS We enrolled a prospective cohort of 774 children aged 1 to 16 years admitted for asthma or bronchodilator-responsive wheezing. The primary outcome was at least 1 asthma- or wheeze-related(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE A better understanding of how poverty-related hardships affect child health could highlight remediable intervention targets. Tobacco smoke exposure may be 1 such consequence of family hardship. Our objective was to explore the relationship between family hardships and tobacco exposure, as measured by serum cotinine, a tobacco(More)
Statistical tests are important tools in assessing the outcomes of clinical research studies. Although the appropriate application of statistics is fundamental to the interpretation and presentation of scientific data, the literature is awash with examples of basic statistical errors and inappropriate analyses. In addition, consideration should always be(More)
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