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  • R Wilkins
  • 1985
The case notes of 24 children diagnosed as elective mutes were compared with those of 24 matched controls with diagnosed emotional disorders. One-third of the elective mutes (but none of the controls) had experienced delayed development of speech or difficulties in articulation. All the elective mutes lived in two-parent families, but marital discord was(More)
AIM To examine mesotheliomas for a possible relation between p53 immunostaining, p53 gene mutation, simian virus 40 (SV40), and asbestos exposure. METHODS Paraffin sections from 11 mesotheliomas were used for p53 immunostaining and also to extract DNA. This was analysed for the presence of mutations in exons 5 to 8 of the p53 gene using a "cold" single(More)
  • R Wilkins
  • 1987
The case notes of 1069 children and teenagers admitted to Bethlem Royal Hospital, ("Bedlam"), in the nineteenth century were analysed with particular reference to the frequencies and types of hallucinations. There was a significant increase (P less than 0.001) in the frequencies of auditory and visual hallucination from 1830 to the end of the century. The(More)
A case of linear scleroderma presenting as a pseudo oculomotor palsy is reviewed. The patient's facial skin abnormalities suggested the underlying etiology. This case illustrates a previously unreported finding in linear scleroderma, mydriasis without atrophy, reminding the clinician to look at the skin in patients with unexplained unilateral pupillary(More)
Using successive analyses of hospitalized mentally handicapped people from a geographically defined Welsh catchment area, this article attempts to evaluate changes in cohorts of such patients. It suggests the likelihood that the level of hospital accommodation predicted in the White Paper "Better Services for the Mentally Handicapped" will be sufficient.
  • R Wilkins
  • 1993
The case notes of 1069 children and teenagers admitted to Bethlem Royal Hospital ('Bedlam') in the 19th century were analysed with particular reference to the frequency and types of delusions. Delusions were present in 700 (65%), among whom there were significantly more boys than girls. There was a statistically significant rise in the frequency of(More)
In two patients (a 60-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman) vertical buckling of the superior tarsus followed surgery to correct levator aponeurosis disinsertions for the management of acquired upper eyelid blepharoptosis. The superior tarsus rotated posteriorly and folded on itself because the sutures reattaching the levator aponeurosis to the tarsus were(More)
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