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We present a patient with radioiodine concentration in pulmonary metastases presumably arising from medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. Transient symptomatic improvement occurred after treatment with a large dose of sodium iodide (I-131). Although radioiodine concentration in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid is rare, the findings in this patient and in(More)
An elderly male undergoing re-evaluation for coronary artery disease demonstrated an extra-cardiac focus of 201Tl accumulation during the performance of a planar myocardial perfusion scan. This corresponded to a subcutaneous lesion of the left posterior thorax found on a concurrent computerized axial tomographic (CAT) scan and upon surgical excision proved(More)
P-Nitrosophosphates, such as 9, react as N-O heterodienophiles with 1,3-dienes to form highly functionalized cycloadducts that can be directly transformed into allylic phosphoramidates. The in situ periodate oxidation of the unstable N-hydroxyphosphoramidate precursors provides an efficient preparation of these new reactive intermediates. P-Nitrosophosphate(More)