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The H-2 and Ia antigenic composition of strain pairs B10.D2 (H-2d) and M504 (H-2da). A.CA (H-2f) and M506 (H-2fa), and CBA (H-2k) and M523 (H-2ka) was compared by testing their cells against a battery of oligospecific antisera, by performing absorption analysis, and by cross-immunization. The two strains of each pair are congenric and differ in taht the(More)
Skin grafts were reciprocally exchanged in pairs of congenic lines identical in all genes except those located in the central portion of the H-2 complex. Seven such lines were tested: 6R, B10.AQR, A.TL, A.TH, 7R, 9R, and B10.HTT. In all donor-recipient combinations at least some grafts were rejected. In combinations differing at the IA subregion (and other(More)
Although Fv-2r homozygous mice are resistant to leukemias induced either by an erythropoietin-encoding virus or by wild-type Friend virus (FV) (M. E. Hoatlin, S. L. Kozak, F. Lilly, A. Chakraborti, C. A. Kozak, and D. Kabat, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87:9985-9989, 1990), they are susceptible to some variants of FV (R. A. Steeves, E. A. Mirand, A. Bulba,(More)
BSB is a variant strain of Friend virus selected for pathogenicity in C57BL/6 mice that are resistant to parental Friend virus strains by virtue of their homozygosity for the recessive Fv-2r allele (Steeves et al., 1970, Int. J. Cancer 5, 346-356). Lines and clones of erythroleukemia cells could readily be established in culture from the enlarged spleens of(More)
Strains CBA (M523) (= M523) and CBA differ by a mutation which has been mapped genetically into the K region of the H-2 complex. Similarly, strains B 10.D2 (M504 (= M504) and b 10.D2 differ in a mutation which occurred in the D region. The data presented in this study show that mixed lymphocyte culture in M523 anti-CBA and M504 anti-B 10.D2 strain(More)
Molecular relationships between beta2m and other cell surface antigens (H-2, Tla, Ia, and Thy-1) were studied with the double immunofluorescence method. Cells were incubated with an antiserum against one antigen capped, and then tested with an antiserum against a second antigen. Capping of beta2m on thymocytes led to simultaneous capping of H-2 and Tla but(More)
The CTL response to SV40 in C3H/HeJ mice is directed against the tumor (T) Ag and is H-2Kk restricted. CTL specific for both the amino terminus (residues 1-271) and the carboxyl terminus (residues 512-708) of the T Ag molecule have been detected, and we have previously cloned CTL of both specificities. In this paper we show that the panel of 10 CTL clones(More)