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Knowledge discovery from data sets can be extensively automated by using data mining software tools. Techniques for mining series of interval events, however, have not been considered. Such time series are common in many applications. In this paper, we propose mining techniques to discover temporal containment relationships in such series. Speciically, an(More)
Despite advances in networking technology, the limitation of the server bandwidth prevents multimedia applications from taking full advantage of next-generation networks. This constraint sets a hard limit on the number of users the server is able to support simultaneously. To address this bottleneck, we propose a Caching Multicast Protocol (CMP) to leverage(More)
System performance analysis is a very difficult problem. Traditional tools rely on manual operations to analyze data. Consequently, determining which system resources to examine is often a lengthy process, where many problems are elusive, even when using data mining tools. We address this problem by introducing the Analyzer for Data Mining Results (ADMiRe)(More)
—Vehicular networks are a promising application of mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper, we introduce an efficient broadcast technique, called CB-S (Cell Broadcast for Streets), for vehicular networks with occlusions such as skyscrapers. In this environment, the road network is fragmented into cells such that nodes in a cell can communicate with any node(More)
Performance analysis of computing systems is an increasingly difficult task due to growing system complexity. Traditional tools rely on ad hoc procedures. With these, determining which of the manifold system and workload parameters to examine is often a lengthy and highly speculative process. The analysis is often incomplete and, therefore, prone to(More)
This work explores a better way to perform recovery in transactions on a federated database system in a failure prone environment. The main emphasis was laid on enhancing the architecture of federated database systems by adding a sync coordinator that will sync the partitioned global and local databases upon commit. The various algorithms used were(More)
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