Roy Vanegas

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If the determinants of shape and cell wall topography are independently regulated and induced in germ tube formation in Candida albicans, these processes may be separable in a non-germ tube forming strain. The expression of several preferentially expressed hyphal surface components in a parental, non-germ tube forming variant, and a germ tube forming(More)
The nucleotide sequences of the structural genes (fljB) for salmonellar flagellins representative of the phase-2 flagellar antigens 1,2.., 1,5.., 1,6.., and 1,7.. were determined. The results did not indicate linear epitopes for the antigen 1 subfactors, suggesting that conformational aspects are involved in determining these antigenic specificities.
A 13 amino acid peptide corresponding to a potent BALB/c mouse T cell epitope of hen's egg lysozyme (HEL) was substituted singly at five sites in the d flagellin of Salmonella muenchen. The resulting chimeric proteins were unable to expand T cells capable of being stimulated by the HEL epitope and induced T cell populations which either failed to respond or(More)
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