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A new UV submersible spectroradiometer has been employed to determine the diffuse attenuation coefficient for irradiance in the clearest natural waters [K(w)(lambda)] with emphasis on the spectral region from 300 to 400 nm. K(w)(lambda) can be related to the inherent optical properties of pure water, in particular the total absorption coefficient(More)
Primary systemic therapy (PST) represents the standard of care in patients with locally advanced breast cancer. In addition, there is increasing information on PST in operable breast disease that supports the use of PST in routine practice. However, current regimens and techniques vary. To address this concern, a group of representatives from breast cancer(More)
The terminal differentiation of C2C12 skeletal muscle cells involves the activation of unique sets of genes and an irreversible withdrawal from the cell cycle. This process is associated with a decrease in cdk2 activity in cell extracts. The decrease in cdk2 activity correlates with diminished levels of cdk2 and cyclin A and with a marked induction of the(More)
In the history of astronomy, major advances in our understanding of the Universe frequently arise from dramatic improvements in our ability to accurately measure astronomical quantities. Aided by rapid progress in information technology, current sky surveys are changing the way we view and study the Universe. Next-generation surveys will maintain this(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to determine the value of secondary signs of ureteral obstruction on helical unenhanced CT. MATERIALS AND METHODS Over a 19-month interval, 312 patients with acute flank pain were imaged with helical unenhanced CT. Ureteral stone disease was confirmed to be present in 109 patients and confirmed to be absent in 111(More)
PURPOSE To perform a phase I clinical and pharmacologic study of ZD1694 (Tomudex, Alderley Park, United Kingdom), a new folate-based thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitor, in patients with advanced malignancy. PATIENTS AND METHODS From February 1991 to January 1993, 61 patients with a range of solid tumor received 161 courses of ZD1694 given as a single(More)
Adenoviral vectors have been constructed that express the transgenes luciferase (Adeno-HSP-Luc) or Fas ligand (Adeno-HSP-FasL) under the control of the heat shock protein 70B (hsp70B) promoter. Cultures infected with Adeno-HSP-Luc transiently expressed high levels of luciferase after heat shock. When cultures infected with Adeno-HSP-FasL were maintained at(More)
Let (P, Ξ) be the naturally polarized model of the Prym variety associated to thé etale double cover π : ˜ C → C of smooth connected curves, where Ξ ⊂ P ⊂ Pic 2g−2 (˜ C), and g(C) = g. If L is any " non exceptional " singularity of Ξ, i.e. a point L on Ξ ⊂ Pic 2g−2 (˜ C) such that h 0 (˜ C, L) ≥ 4, but which cannot be expressed as π * (M)(B) for any line(More)