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Annotation Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Data
Large-scale datasets for natural language inference are created by presenting crowd workers with a sentence (premise), and asking them to generate three new sentences (hypotheses) that it entails,Expand
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SWAG: A Large-Scale Adversarial Dataset for Grounded Commonsense Inference
Given a partial description like "she opened the hood of the car," humans can reason about the situation and anticipate what might come next ("then, she examined the engine"). In this paper, weExpand
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Learnability-Based Syntactic Annotation Design
There is often more than one way to represent syntactic structures, even within a given formalism. Selecting one representation over another may affect parsing performance. Therefore, selectingExpand
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Authorship Attribution of Micro-Messages
Work on authorship attribution has traditionally focused on long texts. In this work, we tackle the question of whether the author of a very short text can be successfully identified. We use TwitterExpand
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Knowledge Enhanced Contextual Word Representations
Contextual word representations, typically trained on unstructured, unlabeled text, do not contain any explicit grounding to real world entities and are often unable to remember facts about thoseExpand
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Symmetric Pattern Based Word Embeddings for Improved Word Similarity Prediction
We present a novel word level vector representation based on symmetric patterns (SPs). For this aim we automatically acquire SPs (e.g., “X and Y”) from a large corpus of plain text, and generateExpand
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A Dataset of Peer Reviews (PeerRead): Collection, Insights and NLP Applications
Peer reviewing is a central component in the scientific publishing process. We present the first public dataset of scientific peer reviews available for research purposes (PeerRead v1) providing anExpand
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Inoculation by Fine-Tuning: A Method for Analyzing Challenge Datasets
Several datasets have recently been constructed to expose brittleness in models trained on existing benchmarks. While model performance on these challenge datasets is significantly lower compared toExpand
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The Effect of Different Writing Tasks on Linguistic Style: A Case Study of the ROC Story Cloze Task
A writer's style depends not just on personal traits but also on her intent and mental state. In this paper, we show how variants of the same writing task can lead to measurable differences inExpand
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Green AI
The computations required for deep learning research have been doubling every few months, resulting in an estimated 300,000x increase from 2012 to 2018 [2]. These computations have a surprisinglyExpand
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