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— We present conditions for robust stability of a class of linear systems interconnected by uncertain nonlinear, norm-bounded functions. We show that such conditions can be reformulated as classical small gain like conditions for a related linear system. Under further assumptions that render the related linear system positive, we show that we can achieve(More)
Can driver steering behaviors, such as a lane change, be executed without visual feedback? In a recent study with a fixed-base driving simulator, drivers failed to execute the return phase of a lane change when steering without vision, resulting in systematic final heading errors biased in the direction of the lane change. Here we challenge the generality(More)
A fast data acquisition system has been developed to extract cycle-by-cycle information on car engine performance and fuel consumption on the road. The information is stored on cassette for later analysis and digital plotting. A Commodore PET is used for both stages of the process. The paper describes the interface system and both acquisition and analysis(More)
In everyday life, the optic flow associated with the performance of complex actions, like walking through a field of obstacles and catching a ball, entails retinal flow with motion energy (first-order motion). We report the results of four complex action tasks performed in virtual environments without any retinal motion energy. Specifically, we used dynamic(More)
A promising alternative to standard control strategies for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and blinds positioning of buildings is Model Predictive Control (MPC). Key to MPC is having a sufficiently simple (preferably linear) model of the building's thermal dynamics. In this paper we propose and test a general approach to derive MPC compatible models(More)