Roy Richard Grinker

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OBJECTIVE Experts disagree about the causes and significance of the recent increases in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Limited data on population base rates contribute to this uncertainty. Using a population-based sample, the authors sought to estimate the prevalence and describe the clinical characteristics of ASDs in school-age(More)
Two experiments attempted to isolate and measure schizophrenic anhedonia as it is reflected in the mnemonic processing of affectively laden stimuli. In the first experiment, subjects were required to sort a list of words repeatedly, each in terms of pleasantness, until a consistent sorting was achieved. Then, they were unexpectedly asked to recall the list.(More)
Because they have little parental contact, many children of the very rich lack self-esteem and clear role models, resulting in shallow values and pathological narcissism. Low self-awareness and the absence of great suffering work against therapeutic progress, as do the efforts of the parents, who may feel threatened, and countertransference feelings of envy(More)
Little research has been conducted on behavioral characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from diverse cultures within the US, or from countries outside of the US or Europe, with little reliable information yet reported from developing countries. We describe the process used to engage diverse communities in ASD research in two(More)