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Acute salicylate poisoning with enteric-coated aspirin may result from accidental ingestion, a suicide attempt, or a complication of long-term therapy. Because absorption of enteric-coated aspirin is delayed, use of the Done nomogram to determine toxicity may lead to underestimating the severity of the poisoning. Treatment options include induction of(More)
Recurrent cellulitis can develop in a variety of settings. Recurrent febrile episodes associated with arm or leg infections, sometimes described as erysipelatous, have been noted for years to occur in the setting of filarial, postoperative, or idiopathic chronic lymphedema. I More recently, recurrent cellulitis has been described as a late complication of(More)
This article provides information on the need felt by speech-language pathologists for training in orofacial myofunctional phenomena. Results of a survey indicate 97.7% of respondents felt training is necessary, while only 7.9% felt their training was adequate. ASHA position statements regarding orofacial myology are reviewed. ASHA and IAOM suggested(More)
Information processing, text and oce systems, oce document architecture (ODA) and interchange format. 10 Figure 4: Percept structures for journal pages various reps allow. The journal issue itself is a percept (i.e. a multirep) that combines all of the page percepts. Constituent percepts and/or reps may be reused to provide other useful online percepts. For(More)
Rosenthal (1981) gets off to a bad start. The first sentence says "Pierce (1981) claims to have tested the Rosenthal-Sen (1973, 1977) spatial model of French voting behavior by using individual survey responses" (p. 363). Readers will look in vain for any such claim in my article. What I did, "by a different method than that employed by Rosenthal and Sen"(More)
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