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Internal necrosis of carrot has been observed in UK carrots for at least 10 years, and has been anecdotally linked to virus infection. In the 2009 growing season some growers had up to 10% of yield with these symptoms. Traditional diagnostic methods are targeted towards specific pathogens. By using a metagenomic approach with high throughput sequencing(More)
In the United Kingdom, European badgers Meles meles are a protected species and an important wildlife reservoir of bovine tuberculosis. We conducted a survey of badger dens (main setts) in 1614 1 km squares across England and Wales, between November 2011 and March 2013. Using main setts as a proxy for badger social groups, the estimated mean density of(More)
Part of the charm of science is its unpredictability R. MacArthur Limnology has enjoyed a long tradition of progress based on thoughtful interpretation of empirical findings. New understanding has grown in part from refining the details of known relationships but more often from uncovering interactions and processes that were previously unknown. The field(More)
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