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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of overloading on peri-implant bone level and the bone-to-implant contact (BIC) in the presence of healthy or inflamed peri-implant tissues. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four screw-shaped machined implants were placed bilaterally in the mandible of four beagle dogs and left submerged for 3 months. Prosthetic abutments were(More)
Two of the major obstacles for dental implant placement to replace missing teeth are the lack of adequate bone width and interdental space. Overcoming these limitations requires bone augmentation procedures that transform the deficient ridge into a ridge that is capable of receiving conventional tooth-form implants. In the case of inadequate interdental(More)
The healing period between implant insertion and exposure is often challenging for both the patient and the surgeon. The use of a removable dental prosthesis is not recommended for a period of several days to 2 weeks in an effort to avoid undue pressure being placed on the newly placed implants and on the surrounding soft tissues. However, patients are(More)
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