Roy J. Roesthuis

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When a needle is inserted into soft tissue, interaction forces are developed at the needle tip and along the needle shaft. The needle tip force is due to cutting of the tissue, and the force along the needle shaft is due to friction between needle and tissue. In this study, the friction force is determined for needles inserted into a gelatine phantom at(More)
— Flexible minimally invasive surgical instruments can be used to target difficult-to-reach locations within the human body. Accurately steering these instruments requires information about the three-dimensional shape of the instrument. In the current study, we use an array of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors to reconstruct the shape of a flexible(More)
— Needle insertions are common during surgical procedures. Accurately delivering the needle at a specific location in the human body is of importance for the clinical outcome of the procedure. Studies have already shown that robotically inserting traditional needles with a bevel tip can improve targeting accuracy. However, steering of such needles requires(More)
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