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  • Roy J Levin
  • The American journal of clinical nutrition
  • 1994
Hydrolysis in the luminal bulk fluid by secreted enzymes is the major pathway for the breakdown of polysaccharides to oligosaccharides, and further hydrolysis is accomplished by a battery of carbohydrates in the brush border of the mature enterocytes. The glucose, galactose, and fructose produced are absorbed across the enterocytes of the upper half of the(More)
Sexual arousal by clitoral self-stimulation was used by healthy, young adult women volunteers (n = 28) to induce orgasm in the laboratory. The duration of the orgasm was obtained using the subject's verbal indication of its start and finish. The estimated duration and the subjective experience of the orgasm self-graded on a 5-point scale were also obtained(More)
INTRODUCTION The role of nipple/breast stimulation in influencing sexual arousal in men and women during lovemaking has only been the subject of opinion-based comment rather than evidence-based study. No attempt to question people about such sexual behavior has ever been undertaken. AIM The study was designed to ascertain the effects of nipple/breast(More)
An orgasm in the human female is a variable, transient peak sensation of intense pleasure, creating an altered state of consciousness, usually with an initiation accompanied by involuntary, rhythmic contractions of the pelvic striated circumvaginal musculature, often with concomitant uterine and anal contractions, and myotonia that resolves the sexually(More)
Using an electrical technique we estimated the thickness of the unstirred layer in the human jejunum during kinetic studies of electrogenic glucose absorption. The unstirred layer in seven healthy volunteers (632 +/- 24 mum: mean +/- SEM) was significantly thicker than in 10 patients with active coeliac disease (442 +/- 23 mum) but not significantly(More)
The effects of dietary restriction on the kinetics of absorption in vivo of glucose, galactose and alpha-methyl glucoside were assessed by electrical and chemical methods in the rat jejunum. 2. The 'apparent Km', maximum absorption or Vmax (mu-mole/10 cm. 15 min) and maximum potential difference (p.d.max) were obtained for the jejunal electrogenic active(More)
INTRODUCTION Data concerning the physiology of female sexual functioning are still obtained from animal studies, but an increasing amount of novel evidence comes from human studies. AIM To gain knowledge of psychological and biologic physiology of women's sexual functioning, mainly addressing sexual arousal and orgasm. METHODS A broad-based literature(More)
AIM To study the effect of enteral feeding on splanchnic blood flow velocity in preterm infants. METHOD Coeliac axis and superior mesenteric artery (SMA) blood flow velocity were measured longitudinally in a cohort of 61 babies using Doppler ultrasound. RESULTS Babies fed 1 hourly had significantly higher preprandial SMA peak systolic velocity (PSV)(More)
Doppler ultrasound was used to study the effect of the first intravenous dose of caffeine on splanchnic haemodynamics in preterm neonates. Peak systolic velocity in the superior measenteric artery and coeliac axis was significantly reduced for 6 hours after caffeine infusion. The effect of this reduction in blood flow to the neonatal gut is not known.
The effects of progressive starvation for up to three days on the basal and secretagogue stimulated secretory functions of the rat ileum were investigated in vitro and in vivo. The secretagogues used included agents acting via cyclic AMP (dibutyryl cyclic AMP, theophylline, forskolin, and PGE2) and those acting via Ca++ (acetylcholine, bethanecol,(More)