Roy Hassankhan

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Various lines of evidence suggest a close relationship between heat shock proteins (hsp) and several autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. While enhanced expression of hsp in autoimmune diseases is often regarded as a non-specific bystander effect of the inflammatory process, surprisingly little is known on hsp regulation(More)
We describe a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction method for the semiquantitative detection of mRNAs encoding the human heat shock proteins alphaB-crystallin, Hsp27, and Hsp60. The method involves the coamplification of cellular mRNA-derived cDNA with a dilution series of a competitor fragment (internal standard), using 1 primer pair common to(More)
Severe, massive bladder haemorrhage is a difficult and often frustrating clinical problem. The aetiologies are numerous and include irradiation, malignancy, severe infection and druginduced changes. Among the numerous modalities of treatment that have been reported formalin, phenol and silver nitrate instillations have often been associated with significant(More)
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