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This paper presents a computer-aided design tool, IPRAIL, which automatically retargets existing analog layouts for technology migration and new specifications. The reuse-based methodology adopted in IPRAIL utilizes expert designer knowledge embedded in analog layouts. IPRAIL automatically extracts analog circuit and layout intellectual properties as(More)
Aggressive design cycles in the semiconductor industry demand a design-reuse principle for analog circuits. The strong impact of layout intricacies on analog circuit performance necessitates design reuse with special focus on layout aspects. This paper presents a computer-aided design tool and the methodology for a layout-centric reuse of large analog(More)
Device matching and layout symmetry are of utmost importance to high performance analog and RF circuits. In this paper, we present HiLSD, the first CAD tool for the automatic detection of layout symmetry between two or more devices in a hierarchical manner. HiLSD first extracts the circuit structure from the layout, then applies an efficient(More)
This paper presents an automatic layout retargeting tool that generates analog and RF layouts incorporating new device sizes and geometries based on new circuit specifications. A graph-based symbolic template is automatically constructed from a practical layout such that expert designer embedded in the layout is preserved. The template can be solved for(More)
This paper presents a technique for automatic active device layout generation and insertion incorporated in a layout retargeting tool-suite for analog integrated circuits. While the use of a graph-based symbolic template in the retargeting tool maintains the overall layout topology, layout symmetries, and embedded expertise of the designers, the device(More)
This paper presents a new CAD tool <i>CrtSmile</i>, which automatically incorporates transistor layout effects for CMOS RF transistor modeling with an emphasis on substrate resistance extraction. The RF transistor layouts in the CIF/GDSII format are used to generate a layout dependent substrate model that can be included as a subcircuit with the BSIM3(More)
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