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Serotonin activates a cardiogenic hypertensive chemoreflex. During this reflex, sympathetic efferent neural discharges were examined in 10 anesthetized dogs. Thoracic nerves were identified, severed distally, and placed across electrodes. The efferent neurogram was recorded along with an electrocardiogram and blood pressure and stored on tape. Neurograms(More)
Hypertension clinics, in which primary care is provided by specially trained nonphysician therapists under physician supervision, can provide very effective and relatively inexpensive control of hypertension for large numbers of patients. Since 1972, 32 VA Hypertension Screening and Treatment Clinics have screened about 500,000 veterans, 29 percent of whom(More)
The accepted method of determining the presence and extent of coronary artery disease is by coronary angiography. A method of obtaining this information noninvasively is being developed. The kinetocardiogram, ballistocardiogram, vectorcardiogram, heart sounds, and carotid pulse pressure tracings have been recorded on analog tape from 903 patients. These(More)
Clonidine is an antihypertensive agent with a primary action mediated by alpha adrenergic stimulation in the central nervous system, thus inhibiting sympathetic efferent activity. Serotonin activates a cardiogenic hypertensive chemoreflex which induces discharges of sympathetic efferent neurons. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of(More)