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In semistructured databases there is no schema fixed in advance. To provide the benefits of a schema in such environments, we introduce DataGuides: concise and accurate structural summaries of semistructured databases. DataGuides serve as dynamic schemas, generated from the database; they are useful for browsing database structure, formulating queries,(More)
Lore (for Lightweight Object Repository) is a DBMS designed specifically for managing semistructured information. Implementing Lore has required rethinking all aspects of a DBMS, including storage management, indexing, query processing and optimization, and user interfaces. This paper provides an overview of these aspects of the Lore system, as well as(More)
Research on semistructured data over the last several years has focused on data models, query languages, and systems where the database is modeled as some form of labeled, directed graph [Abi97, Bun97]. The recent emergence of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) as a new standard for data representation and exchange on the World-Wide Web has drawn significant(More)
An information retrieval (IR) engine can rank documents based on textual proximity of keywords within each document. In this paper we apply this notion to search across an entire database for objects that are \near" other relevant objects. Proximity search enables simple \focusing" queries based on general relationships among objects, helpful for(More)
We present WSQ/DSQ (pronounced &#8220;wisk-disk&#8221;), a new approach for combining the query facilities of traditional databases with existing search engines on the Web. WSQ, for <i>Web-Supported (Database) Queries</i>, leverages results from Web searches to enhance SQL queries over a relational database. DSQ, for <i>Database-Supported (Web) Queries</i>,(More)
DataGuides are concise and accurate summaries of semistructured databases, enabling schema exploration and improving query processing. Unfortunately, DataGuides can be very expensive to compute, especially for large, cyclic databases. For many DataGuide uses, an “approximate” summary of the database' s structure can be beneficial yet much cheaper to(More)
The number of information sources accessible electronically is growing rapidly. Many of these sources store and export unstructured data in addition to or instead of structured data. In most cases, however, the unstructured data is not entirely devoid of structure, i.e., the data is semzstructured. We consider data to be semistructured when there is no(More)
BACKGROUND The primary care medical home has been promoted to integrate and improve patient care while reducing healthcare spending, but with little formal study of the model or evidence of its efficacy. ProvenHealth Navigator (PHN), an intensive multidimensional medical home model that addresses care delivery and financing, was introduced into 11 different(More)