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The introduction of flow cytometric bead-based technology has added a new approach for investigators to simultaneously measure multiple analytes in biological and environmental samples. This new technology allows for (1) evaluation of multiple analytes in a single sample; (2) utilization of minimal sample volumes to glean data; (3) reproducibility and(More)
Analytical cytometry has significant potential beyond cellular analysis. The inherent capability of flow cytometers to efficiently discriminate between uniformly sized particles based on their intrinsic properties provides the foundation for multiplex bead assays. The technology can be exploited in designing immunoassays, Western blot-like antibody assays,(More)
Infections and sepsis are among the most common reasons for neonatal morbidity and mortality. Early diagnosis is difficult because clinical presentation is highly variable and signs are often subtle and common to a variety of conditions. Among the proposed early indicators of infection and sepsis are serum concentrations of interleukin (IL)-6, IL-8, and(More)
As a new paradigm of online communities, microfinance sites such as Kiva.org have attracted much public attention. To understand lender motivations on Kiva, we classify the lenders' self-stated motivations into ten categories with human coders and machine learning based classifiers. We employ text classifiers using lexical features, along with social(More)
Procurement auctions carry substantial risk when the value of the project is highly uncertain and known only to insiders. This paper reports the results from a series of experiments comparing the performance of three auction formats in such complex and risky settings. In the experiment, every bidder knows the private value for the project but only a single(More)
The hepatitis B virus X protein (HBxAg) is responsible for severe complications of HBV infections including primary hepatocellular carcinoma. A sandwich type ELISA and a flow cytometric microbead assay for quantitative determination of serum levels of Hbx-Ag are introduced. We have previously developed monoclonal antibody families against well-conserved(More)
The multiple cellular and soluble elements of the immune system respond in a coordinated way, orchestrated by cytokines, to preserve the integrity of the organism. In this study, we describe a new and unique whole blood method that, with minimal sample manipulation, allows an overall evaluation of immune responses by simultaneously measuring cell activation(More)
Underwater sensor networking is generally regarded as an emerging technology to conduct oceanic exploration and research in an automated and effective manner. As underwater operations become more sophisticated, there is an increasing demand for real-time video streaming. However, real-time video streaming requires high bandwidth as well as low latency.(More)
49 networks provides valuable data, including water temperature, salinity, fish population, the ebb and flow of the tide;the information helps in addressing issues such as the effect of human activities on underwater ecosystem and the impact of pollutants on the marine environment. Another promising application of underwater networks is to launch unmanned(More)
Clara.io is a cloud and browser-based full featured 3D content creation tool that enables collaborative modelling, animation, simulation and rendering for independent and studio-affiliated artists. Our tool democratizes access to technology by making professional grade content creation capabilities and features accessible to all with internet access at a(More)