Roy Chapman

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Silicon technology has now advanced to the point that there is a serious mismatch in the time taken to design advanced silicon-based systems and the time to market for any new product or product derivative. To obviate this delay, a new paradigm is emerging based on intellectual property (IP) exchange, where designers and differing companies share subsystems(More)
In the next generation of robots, there are no motors and construction is from simple everyday materials. One of the stars of this evolution, is a wire which contracts when heated and is known as muscle wire. A simple soda straw provides a strong structure from which segmented limbs can be constructed. A flex sensor is used at the joint to measure the(More)
This paper presents a new technique which exploits constrained optimization methods to derive optimal two dimensional filters in the cumulant domain for processing signals in non Gaussian noise, or signals with corrupting interferences which have non symmetrical probability density functions. The approach proposed here for enhancing signals in such noise is(More)
The software paradigm of writing sequential programming tasks executed on a single processor has pervaded computers since their dawning. In spite of progress, sequential execution of certain algorithms remains limited by this paradigm. In particular, fuzzy control systems involve fuzzy set operations, which require significant amounts of vector and matrix(More)
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