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In this paper, a reinforcement learning-based throughput on demand (ToD) provisioning dynamic power management method (RLTDPM) is proposed for sustaining perpetual operation and satisfying the ToD requirements for today's energy harvesting wireless sensor node (EHWSN). The RLTDPM monitors the environmental state of the EHWS and adjusts their operational(More)
In this paper, a project-based learning strategy is proposed as a pedagogical tool for embedded system education targeting for undergraduate engineering students. The proposed project-based learning can motivate students to integrate and formulate the multi-disciplinary knowledge previous learned into a real-world embedded system project development. To(More)
A reinforcement learning (RL) method for Quality of Service (QoS)-aware power management (PM) of an energy harvesting wireless sensor network, named QoS-aware RLPM, is proposed in this paper. The RL environment for each sensor node is represented by the observable measurements of harvesting energy and residual energy stored in the battery. To achieve(More)
In this paper, embedded software engineering approach is employed for the development of a SIP-based VoIP server. Signaling control functions of SIP servers are integrated and implemented in an embedded system platform. This embedded SIP server also serves as network access server (NAS) client to a centralized RADIUS server to provide user's authorization,(More)
Currently, several smart phones have GPS receivre built- in, such as Motorola E1000, HP iPAQ 6515 and Mio A700. Equipped with GPS receiver, the mobile phone has enabled its owner to become a personal position locator. The proposed project GPSenseCar is to use the WiFi smart phone with the built-in GPS receiver to develop a collision avoidance support system(More)
The concept of Music Blogger for the moving vehicles is proposed in this study. Employing streaming of music in a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) enables the vehicle to become a mobile Music Blogger (MMB) among other vehicles connected with the network. In this study, an embedded device with WiFi interface was employed to develop the Music Blogger(More)
Image segmentation is a technique used to segment region of interest (ROI) in the image for further image processing applications. Contour extraction is one of the most important image segmentation methods. In this paper, a contour extraction method is proposed, which consist of two stages. The first stage is automatic initial edge point selection (IEPS),(More)