Roy Chan

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The hippocampus of Alzheimer's disease brain has been shown to be highly oxidized compared to age-matched controls. One of the most sensitive targets of oxidation is anionic sulfur which can be found within the active site of members of the cysteine-protease family. Thus, while members of the cysteine-protease family such as the calpains and caspases have(More)
Thiol-proteases play important roles in many cellular processes, including maintenance of protein homeostasis and execution of cell death. Therefore, determining how this family of enzymes is regulated is critical for our understanding of both physiological and pathological conditions. Because these proteases require a reduced cysteine residue for activity,(More)
Male sex workers who sell or exchange sex for money or goods encompass a very diverse population across and within countries worldwide. Information characterising their practices, contexts where they live, and their needs is limited, because these individuals are generally included as a subset of larger studies focused on gay men and other men who have sex(More)
Goswami, Ashesh, "Trajectory generation for lane-change maneuver of autonomous vehicles" (2015). Open Access Theses. 516. stimulating discussions and their support. I am also thankful to Keerthiraj Nagaraja, my labmate working on a similar research topic for sharing a part of his research work and related software to provide a platform for a portion of my(More)
IZVLEČEK V raziskavi smo preučevali zanesljivost ultrazvočne tehnike z razširjenim vidnim poljem (EFOV) in njeno veljavnost v primerjavi s slikanjem z magnetno resonanco (MRI) pri oceni prečnega preseka (CSA) mišice biceps brachii, metodo pa smo uporabili za preučitev sprememb v CSA po 10 sklopih treh maksimalnih ekscentričnih krčenj upogibalk komolca. CSA(More)
This document contains a description of a web-based GIS project that is aimed to provide an alternative way to access the City of White Rock's information for tourists, local residents and employees through a touch screen enabled electronic kiosk. Several objectives have to be accomplished in order to deliver the solution: to complete a digital data source(More)
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