Roy C. Walker

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We present the first results of the VLBA Imaging and Polarimetry Survey (VIPS), a 5 GHz VLBI survey of 1,127 sources with flat radio spectra. Through automated data reduction and imaging routines, we have produced publicly available I, Q, and U images and have detected polarized flux density from 37% of the sources. We have also developed an algorithm to(More)
We present full polarization Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) observations at 5 GHz and 15 GHz of 24 compact active galactic nuclei (AGN). These sources were observed as part of a pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of conducting a large VLBI survey to further our understanding of the physical properties and temporal evolution of AGN jets. The(More)
  • Roy C. Walker
  • 20th International Reliability Physics Symposium
  • 1982
The workshop addressed the problem of determining the nature of electrical overstress by analysis of physical damage. Because electrical overstress has historically been difficult and costly to track down many failure analysis activities have made it a practice to stop further analysis as soon as electrical overstress is believed to have activated the(More)
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